Allergies are sensitivities which susceptible persons develop to normally harmless substances. Our office has, over the past twenty years, helped thousands of allergy sufferers and their families cope with their symptoms. 

The initial approach is always a comprehensive ear, nose and throat examination by one of our physicians or our physician assistant. Some upper respiratory problems, such as sinusitis, can be confused with what are advertised as allergy symptoms. Our physicians will first take a medical approach to your problem using prescription medications and steroid based nasal sprays. 

After investigation if your doctor suspects an allergy problem our experienced allergy nurse staff will test you. We are equipped to test for inhalant allergies (i.e., dust, pollens, molds, animal dander) and food allergies using skin testing. We generally perform one or two skin tests for each suspected allergen. The selection of allergen to sensitivity test are chosen in correlation with the history, physical examination and other observations of obtained from you by our physicians and staff. Not all patients receive the same tests or the same number of tests. 

The results of your testing will be reviewed by your doctor; and our allergy staff will counsel you as to environmental controls, when applicable, to provide relief of your symptoms. Should these controls fail or if the result is less than expected you become a candidate for immunotherapy (allergy injections). We inject a small dose of allergenic extract (the combined substances you are allergic to) at periodic intervals; on an increasing dosage scale to elicit a protective reaction in your body against the irritant. The upward scaling of the dose is done until a dosage is reached that will maintain a comfort level for you against your symptoms. We keep you at your maintenance dose at this point. Our office will supply your serum vial for either in office or out of office injection therapy. Our staff develops the serum at our office based upon the results of your allergy test results. 

Communication with you during all stages of your allergy treatment is one of our goals. Our team will work with you to assure your continued progress and make recommendations as needed.